Chapter II
Conditions and facilities

Zooming in on the Rose Garden Residence

  • Outside the hotel is a vast and rich rose garden, most of it planted with roses of many select varieties, arranged in impressive decorative patterns  highlighted by ingenious lighting. The garden is dedicated to the rose as a national symbol of Bulgaria and a trademark of the Residence. It has a flower and a fragrance for every taste – living images of the famous Bulgarian rose – and offers various spaces for relaxation;
  • An intriguingly-shaped swimming pool with children's and jacuzzi sections, offering comfort and cool to guests and owners, with plenty of lounging space around it and access to cocktail bar service;
  • A children's area in the middle of this unique garden is equipped with fun toys and slides, providing a favourite spot for all children;

Your perfect holiday is guaranteed by an easy walk to the beach (600 metres or 15 minutes away), a fascinating water realm which you will discover in an aquapark just round the corner (150m or 2 minutes walk away), the gourmet delights of restaurants, the fun of socializing in cafes and cocktail bars down the main street of the resort (100m away), or you can indulge in a shopping marathon, work out in a gym or relax in our rose garden at the end of each eventful day.

Whatever you choose to do, you are sure to enjoy it!

Welcome to a world of fragrant roses in the Rose Garden Residence

The Rose Garden Residence is a self-contained community in every way. Anything you may wish for – shops, cafes, restaurants, a swimming pool, a garden, children's play areas – is just a short lift ride up or down the building. Here, your home fits into a setting of comfort and luxury. The Rose Garden Residence is the ultimate location for your new holiday home.

The Rose Garden Residence includes:

  • two symmetrically positioned luxury multiple apartment buildings, one named White Rose and the other Red Rose;
  • the building tapers as it rises, creating space for splendid terraces overlooking the sea, the mountain or areas in the resort;
  • the building consists of five terraced levels, each named after a variety of rose;
  • one-roomed and two-roomed flats and luxury apartments with floor areas ranging from 48 to 201 square metres, and studios measuring 27 to 94 sq m;
  • two main lobbies and two reception desks (one in each section of the building) stay open round the clock (safekeeping service included);
  • the building has two scenic lifts;
  • a state-of-the-art cafe bar;
  • a business meeting room, Internet and fax service;
  • a gym;
  • shopping areas: grocery, pharmacy and drugstore, souvenir shop etc.
  • an outdoor parking area.