Chapter I
What is Rose Garden Residence

South facade

North facade

The Rose Garden Residence is situated in Sunny Beach, the most state-of-the-art upmarket resort on the Bulgarian Riviera. From there, the eye travels to the blue brilliance of the Bay of Bourgas along the coast, a combination of exotic natural features and modern buildings, providing an irresistible spot for relaxation and recreation.

The Rose Garden Residence is a holiday complex at the heart of Sunny Beach, 100 metres from the resort's main shopping and entertainment street. It is a haven of world-class luxury and comfort for you and your family, giving you every reason to call it home. Located in the central part of Sunny Beach, the Residence is a unique property sitting in the middle of a remarkable array of top-class hotels, numerous restaurants, exciting night clubs, modern discos, first-rate cafes, aquaparks and a full range of sporting facilities to practise surfing, beach volleyball, minigolf, skydiving, fitness workout, horse riding, sailing and boating and many other exciting activities.

The Rose Garden Residence is only 15 minutes' walk from the beach, which means that you and your family will be able to enjoy morning walks, swimming and beach time or surfing sessions totally at your convenience. It is one of the last remaining spots still vacant in the resort. All this makes it an outstandingly attractive property to invest in.

The Rose Garden Residence offers you an opportunity to own a home in a regional tourist and business hub where Europe borders the rest of the world, in cosmopolitan and hospitable surroundings. Bourgas International Airport connects it with all major cities of Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.

The Rose Garden Residence is an extraordinary combination of a breathtaking rose garden, an azure swimming pool, two multiple apartment buildings named White Rose and Red Rose, where the units are offered for sale at advantageous prices, and there are many entertainment and recreation facilities. The building combines modern lines enriched by elements of Mediterranean mysticism and traditional Bulgarian architecture.

The philosophy of the Rose Garden Residence is to offer distinctive accommodation which blends with its surroundings into a beautiful whole. The thoughtful design creates comfort and preserves as much of the existing greenery as possible. The design of the Rose Garden Residence influences the visual identity, the aesthetics and functional standards of the whole surroundings. The Residence will give Sunny Beach its largest rose garden.

The Rose Garden Residence is a place where sea, luxury and unparalleled design turn the dream of an ideal holiday house into reality!
The impossible becomes real!

Welcome to a world of roses in the Rose Garden Residence!